Fresh dressings
We love the dreamy taste our Coleslaw Dressing, a taste sensation on any crunchy slaw.  Crafted with free range whole eggs, white wine vinegar and light sour cream. Discover how good our creamy creation tastes on any crunchy cabbage slaw, potato or pasta salad or combine slaw on your favourite burger or sandwiches. It’s no wonder Birch & Waite are the No.1 Choice of Australian Chefs*
This irresistible Japanese dressing transports the umami flavours of Japan into the contemporary kitchen. Batch crafted with a delicate balance of rice wine vinegar, premium soy sauce, sesame oil and hint of ginger this dressing is bursting with flavour. Perfect for any warm beef and crunchy Asian noodle salad, leafy salad or stir fry, this dressing gives any dish inspired Japanese authenticity.
A classic vinaigrette dressing that touts the flavours of France. Blended with extra virgin olive oil, mustard, garlic and parsley you’ll love our zesty classic recipe on virtually any green salad or vegetable salad. What’s more, its versatility shines through when you try it as a delicious marinade for grilled meats, steamed vegetables, poultry and seafood. And the taste? How you say … magnifique.
Made with a fusion of fresh lime, soy sauce, coriander and ginger, this tantalising Thai dressing is a triumph of Southeast Asian cuisine. A heavenly hint of chilli also provides the perfect amount of heat that’s sure to give any bowl of noodles, salad or slaw a zesty kick – which is all made Zen again thanks to the absence of any added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’ll be tilting this bottle of batch-crafted dressing with basil and oregano all over your next prosciutto panzanella (fresh tomato & bread salad). And why not! Inspired by the Tuscan sun, heavenly herbs dance with delicate drops of fresh lemon juice, red capsicum and authentic white wine vinegar, offering a Mediterranean twist to your favourite garden salad. Once opened, our Tuscan Herb & Lemon Dressing lasts for 8 weeks…which is plenty of time to create your next salad masterpiece.
There’s something about sweet and spicy that excites taste buds, and our mildly hot Honey Mustard Dressing is no exception. Blended with authentic Australian honey and wholegrain mustard, this batch-crafted nectar leaves a delicious tingle on the tongue– buzzing with mustard seeds, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Drizzled on a green salad or equally at home on ham, chicken, kale, roasted vegetables and brown rice, there’s sure to be a hive of activity around the table – good for 8 weeks after opening. Birch & Waite, the No.1 choice of Australian chefs*.
Rich, smooth, lightly roasted. No, we’re not just talking about the glitz of the Monte Carlo Riviera but Australia’s No.1 choice of Australian chefs*, Birch & Waite. Batch-crafted with roasted garlic and a splash of fresh lemon juice, this creamy dreamy dressing is perfect for your signature mixed leaf, vegetable or chicken and avocado salad. And, since it’s good as gold for 8 weeks once opened – sans preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, and is gluten free – it means you can win friends with salad, after all.
Jazz up your summer salads, BBQs and picnics with the latest hit from Birch & Waite – the No.1 choice of Australian chefs*. Dripping with batch-crafted goodness, this fusion of sweet mango, lime lashings and chilled out chilli is best drizzled over chicken or prawn salads, marinated on fish, or savoured as a delicious dipping sauce. A must-have for any Christmas, NYE or Aussie Day playlist, this gluten free dressing is a sure fire hit for any party and will keep for 8 weeks once unleashed – minus preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, of course.
An odyssey of refreshing, creamy and tangy textures, our authentic flavours will transport your taste buds to the shores of the Aegean. Batch-crafted with light sour cream, feta, dill, fresh lemon juice and garlic, our yummy gluten free yoghurt is destined to adorn your favourite Greek, potato or coleslaw salad and keeps for 8 weeks once opened – with zero preservatives, artificial colours or flavours added. Fit for the gourmet gods, it’s little wonder Birch & Waite is the No.1 choice of Australian chefs*.
* Data on file
Like an antique vinaigrette box, this bottle of balsamic hides an intoxicating concoction of aromatic vinegar and herbs. Uncover a full-bodied blend of extra virgin olive oil, wholegrain mustard and tarty garlic – untouched by preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and remaining pure for 8 weeks after uncapping. Then discover just what this dainty mix of herbs can really do when dripped lovingly over saucy pastas, sassy bruschettas…and maybe a cheeky chorizo or dos.
If you have a weakness for Mediterranean marinades, be advised – this byzantine blend of extra virgin olive oil, real lemon juice, oregano, and cracked pepper will be your new Achilles heel. Be it lamb, chicken or chorizo, you’ll be a Greek tragic for this mythical mélange of batch-crafted dressing that’s good for 8 weeks after opening and great for adding a crisp citrus twist to simple garden salads and crunchy veggies.
Branded with buttermilk, garlic and onion then lassoed with a lick of tarragon, this rich and creamy rodeo of real ranch flavour is the perfect partner to anything barbecued. Wanted in 6 states and 2 territories as a succulent salad dressing and side dip to fresh vegetables, you’ll need a quick draw at the dinner table to get your hands on this here bonanza of batch-crafted Birch & Waite – the No.1 choice of Australian chefs*.
Hail, Caesar! All bow to our luxurious creamy Caesar dressing, crowned with the finest whole egg, rich Parmesan and black pepper! Salute the traditional full-bodied flavours as they conquer crunchy cos lettuce, grilled chicken and fresh vegetables – standing tall and proud inside your fridge for a full 8 weeks after opening! A worthy alternative to coleslaw dressing, our Caesar is emperor of banquets large and small thanks to Birch & Waite’s reign as the No.1 choice of Australian chefs*. *Data on file.