There’s a simple reason why Birch & Waite is the No.1 choice of Australian chefs* – because fresh tastes best. And because it’s fresh, you won’t find Birch & Waite in the supermarket aisle with ordinary mayonnaise and dressings. You’ll find it in the fridge, near all the other fresh produce.

Unlike other products in the aisle, we don’t rely on high sugar, salt or acidity to retain a longer shelf life. This clashes with our subtle, creamy flavours, and ultimately compromises on taste. For us, fresh is in the fridge. Our range contains no preservatives, MSG or anything artificial. In fact, a majority of our products are also gluten free.

That said, our fresh mayonnaise and dressings stay fresh for up to 8 weeks once opened or by the best before date, so you still have plenty of time to indulge in Birch & Waite’s clean, delicious taste.

And since we’ve been supplying restaurant professionals for the past 25 years, it’s easy to see why they share our passion for fresh – a passion now available to you from the No.1 choice of Australian chefs*, Birch & Waite.

Here’s what chefs have to say about Birch & Waite themselves:

CHEF_QUOTEEddie Cofie, Executive Chef

“…with their authentic, intense flavours, I can save time and use less without compromising taste.”
– Werner Kimmeringer, Lifetime member of Les Toques Blanches.

Chefs share our passion for fresh. Do you? Discover our entire range of fresh mayonnaises, dressings, seafood sauces and dessert dipping sauces at Woolworths, today.