Superior Quality

At Birch & Waite we’re passionate about creating superior quality fresh chilled Mayonnaise, Dressings, Relishes, Sauces and Desserts in our Marrickville Kitchens, Sydney.

At the heart of our food philosophy is the idea that exceptional taste starts with the finest fresh Australian ingredients, combined with small batch techniques and authentic recipes.

This is why for over thirty years, professional chefs have looked to Birch & Waite to enhance their menu and create superior quality dishes without compromise.

Birch and Waite’s new Classic Béarnaise Sauce has a rich tarragon vinegar reduction and buttery smooth finish on the palate that perfectly complements all the steak and chicken dishes we serve.

As our business navigates Covid19, we’re looking for consistent quality, convenient, fresh products that taste as good as if you made them yourself.

That’s why I use Birch and Waite’s great range of products in my kitchen.

Group Executive Chef @ The Waves Sports Clubs / Glenn Whitehurst

The Birch & Waite Mayonnaise is a standout in the industry. It tastes scratch made – like I made it myself. It’s such a natural product, I can taste what’s in it, as well as what’s not in it!

Executive chef / Colin Yabsley

Birch & Waite use the finest ingredients to make the perfect Hollandaise for our Eggs Benedict. Full of flavour, consistent and easy to use.

Operations Consultant / Nicky Rigzin

Superior quality products, great sauces and mayonnaise from one of Australia’s most innovative brands. Do you really want to know why I endorse them so much?

Group Chef & Development Manager / Eddie Cofie

Fresh Australian Ingredients

Australia is blessed with an abundance of fresh seasonal produce. That’s why our superior quality products start with locally sourced fresh Australian ingredients, batch crafted and fresh chilled to maintain freshness and respect the natural flavours within our sauces.

We use regional and seasonal ingredients, without added preservatives, allowing us to create premium Mayonnaise, Dressings, Relishes, Sauces and Desserts that celebrate the taste of Australian produce.

Crafted to Perfection

When our founder Willi Schultheiss migrated from rural Switzerland he longed for a fresh and creamy whole egg mayonnaise just like he enjoyed back home.  So in 1990, in collaboration with co-founder Peter Flick, they took seventy-three attempts to perfect Australia’s first fresh European-Style Whole Egg Mayonnaise.

This endless pursuit of culinary perfection and innovation, led us to partner with many of Australia’s leading chefs which shaped us into who we are today: the benchmark for superior quality Mayonnaise, Dressings, Relishes, Sauces and Desserts.



Our Commitment

Fresh ingredients, inspired flavours and uncompromising quality.

Support and Sustainability

At Birch & Waite we are committed to continuously improving our packaging sustainability, and we are proud to be members of RedCycle.

At Birch & Waite we are committed to continuously improving our packaging sustainability, and we are proud to be members of the Australian Packaging Covenant Association (APCO).


At Birch & Waite, we are proud supporters of foodservice industry associations like Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia (FSAA).

Food Bank

At Birch & Waite we are proud supporters of organisations such as Foodbank and Secondbite to help fight hunger and food waste.