Our Story

Our passion for creating delicious, fresh mayonnaises, sauces and dressings started over thirty years ago with a vision for superior quality, and just three, hard-working staff.

Since then our business has gone from strength to strength, and despite outgrowing three factories along the way our philosophy has remained the same – superior taste and flavour starts with sourcing local, fresh ingredients, batch crafting and combining this with the passion and commitment that can only be delivered by a proudly wholly-Australian, family owned business.

That’s the recipe for our success.

Today you’ll find Birch & Waite wherever you find good food, in cafès, pubs, restaurants, Woolworths supermarkets – even onboard international aircraft.

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

We believe that the right mayonnaise, dressing or sauce can truly elevate the flavours of any dish.

Fundamental to the character and quality of our delicious products are the uniquely authentic recipes on which they’re based and our commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients possible.

We maintain our reputation for producing an extraordinary range of fresh mayonnaise, sauces and dressings by ensuring our expert teams collaborate closely with our customers, namely professional chefs, many of which consider our recipes to be as good as their own.

It’s this commitment to excellence that has seen us become the preferred choice of Australian Professional chefs as well as winning multiple Product Of The Year awards.

Fresh is Best

There’s a simple reason why Birch & Waite is the No.1 choice of Australian chefs* – because any chef worth their salt knows that fresh tastes best. And because it’s fresh, you won’t find us in the supermarket aisle with ordinary mayonnaise and dressings. You’ll find us in the fresh salad section and the fresh seafood section of your local Woolworths store.

Unlike other products ranged in the ambient aisle, we don’t rely on high sugar, salt or acidity to retain a longer shelf life. This clashes with our subtle, creamy flavours, and ultimately compromises on taste. For us, fresh is in the fridge. Our range contains no preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

That said, our fresh mayonnaise and dressings stay fresh for up to 8 weeks once opened (or by the best before date), so you still have plenty of time to enjoy Birch & Waite’s fresh, delicious taste. And since we’ve been supplying restaurant professionals for the past 25 years, it’s easy to see why they share our passion for fresh – a passion now available to you from the No.1 choice of Australian chefs*, Birch & Waite.

*Winner of the 2016 Chefs Decision best mayonnaise based on a panel of 300+ chefs.

Our Commitment

Local Ingredient Supply

We are dedicated to using traditional and superior quality ingredients in all our products. And wherever possible, we source Australian produce and materials for our products.


We’re committed to sustainable environmental solutions, and are continually looking for new opportunities. As part of our commitment to waste-reduction, we recycle paper, cardboard and metals, and use recycled material in our cartons. We also use water-saving devices and monitor our water usage.


We proudly support charities such as Food Bank, with product.


Birch & Waite supports both UNSW and University of Sydney Food Technology students: Arranging factory tours to give industry exposure to students and develop experience. And, running work experience programs for UNSW Food Technology students.

   Explore Our Recipes   

   Explore Our Recipes   

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