PREP TIME: 20 minutes

fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped 1/2 cup

water chestnuts, roughly chopped 1 can

spring onions, roughly chopped 5

sour cream 1 cup

dried chives 2 tsp

dried parsley 2 tsp

dried chives 2 tsp

onion powder 2 tsp

garlic powder 2 tsp

frozen spinach 250 g


  1. Place spinach in a microwave safe dish and defrost. Once defrosted, squeeze out excess water and chop and place in a bowl.
  2. Clean and roughly chop the spring onions, basil and water chestnuts and add to the spinach.
  3. Mix in the Birch & Waite Whole Egg Mayonnaise, sour cream and dried herbs with the spinach mixture. Refrigerate until serving.

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