Char Grilled Steak with Handcut Chips and Birch & Waite Classic Béarnaise Sauce

Prep time:

Selected Cut Of Steak
Olive Oil10 ml
Salt10 g
Black Pepper10 g
Potato Chips100
Private: Classic Béarnaise Sauce60 ml


  1. Heat grill or griddle pan until smoking hot. Meanwhile, season steak with salt, pepper and olive oil. Cook steak to your preference, then remove from the heat and rest for 5 minutes.
  2. Cook potato chips in fryer at 180 degrees for 4 minutes or until cooked.
  3. Heat Birch & Waite Classic Béarnaise Sauce. Pour generously over meat to add delicious notes of white wine vinegar reduction, butter, egg yolks and tarragon. Serve extra Bearnaise Sauce on the side.

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