Darren Robertson's Super Easy, Super Greens Summer Falafel Salad with Birch & Waite Greek Style Yoghurt, Feta & Dill Dressing

Prep time:

Soaked Chickpeas400 g
Greens E.G. Broccoli200 g
Ground Cumin1 tsp
Ground Coriander1 tsp
Paprika1/2 tsp
Salt1 tsp
Baking Powder1/2 tsp
Parsley1/2 bunch
Coriander And Mint1/2 bunch
Zest Of 1 Lemon
Onion, Finely Diced1 small
Oil For Shallow Frying
Greek Style Yoghurt, Feta & Dill Dressing


  1. Pop ingredients into a food processor and blend until a course paste. Fold in the onions. Season and then shape into little patties.
  2. Shallow fry on a medium high heat for 4-5 minutes (depending on the size of the patties). Turn after 2 mins. Remove from oil, season with lemon juice and salt.
  3. Serve with fresh herbs, pickled chillies, and Birch & Waite Greek Style Yogurt Feta & Dill Dressing.

Recipe created by Darren Robertson for Birch & Waite.

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