Mud Crab Salad with Birch & Waite's Parsley, Dill & Tarragon Seafood Sauce

Prep time:

Whole live mud crab1.2 kg
Birch & Waite Parsley, Dill & Tarragon Seafood Sauce1 jar
Corn on the cob, trimmed2
Birch & Waite Signature Whole Egg Mayonnaise100 g
Milk150 ml
Crushed garlic3 cloves
White pepper5 g
Paprika5 g
Dill, chopped1/2 bunch
Salt10 g
Self-raising flour250 g
Oil200 ml


For the mud crab:

  1. Start with boiling slightly salted water.
  2. Once boiling add the mud crab and cook for 18 minutes.
  3. Once cooked, plunge into ice cold water to cool. When cool pick all the meat out of the crab claws and body and place back into the shell for serving.

For the fritters:

  1. Remove the corn from the husk and place in a bowl with the milk, crushed garlic, white pepper, paprika, chopped dill, self-raising flour, and Birch & Waite’s Signature Whole Egg Mayonnaise. Mix well.
  2. Cook in a non-stick frypan in oil on a medium heat until golden brown.
  3. Season with salt and place a large spoon of Birch & Waite's Parsley, Dill & Tarragon Seafood Sauce on each fritter followed by some chilled fresh crab meat and enjoy!

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